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In-vitro Calcification of biological Heart Valve Prostheses


Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Kern


Since 1966 bovine and porcine heart valves are implanted as biological heart valve prostheses. The porcine heart valves are aortic valves from pork whereas bovine valves are made out of pericardial tissues from cattle.

The focus of implantation of this biological heart valve prostheses is justified with their similitude with human valves in shape and function in physiological haemodynamic.

But a large part of bioprostheses have to explanted by reason of structural tissue failure, because these valves have a strong and unpredictable predisposition to calcify on their valve leaflets.

The increasing calcification engenders induration and laceration in tissue, which can educes up to break of leaflet tissue.


In-vitro valve calcifiation visualised with X-Ray and binary imaging of calcareous deposit.


Aim for this project is to establish with an engineered standardised test protocol a pulsatile tester for non-destructive in-vitro researches of these valve calcification.

At this the influence of

  • Mechanical „Stress“
  • Valve Design 
  • Anti-Calcification Methodes

need to investigated during calcification under quasi-physiological conditions.

Thereby intrinsic calcifications are generated, which correspond with explanted human valves and can detected non-destructive with X-Ray, µ-CT, Synchroton-CT and NMRI.